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13 Feb

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13 Feb

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A hip roof is a little more complex to frame than a gable roof. Besides some sort of ridge board, a

gable roof comes with only common rafters (all rafters the identical length) as its only components. The

components of a hip roof will be the ridge board, common rafters, hip rafters, and jack rafters.

The hip roof fails to always have a form board. If the building can be a square with all several

walls being the same length, there will be no ridge and also the roof will resemble a pyramid.

When cutting the common, hip and jack rafters, their lengths can be determined using a

calculator or a rafter table book enjoy “The Full Length Rafter Framer”. along the

ridge can be determined by subtracting the width with the building from its length. For

example, in the event the building is 30 back button 24, the ridge will be 6 feet in length. If the ridge table

is 1 1/2″ thick (which is usually the case), then 1 1/2″ needs to be added to the ridge

length. This is because all common rafters are generally shortened half the thickness with the ridge or

3/4″. This allows the the top common rafters to fall into line with the top of the ridge at each

just by nailing common rafters one side of the ridge at each end. Now improve the ridge

corners of this buildings walls and inside intersection made by the finish and first common

rafter where they meet at the ridge. With the hips and common rafters in position, its easy to

see why this makes for a really strong and solid roof.

With the hip rafters in place the jack rafters may be installed. Before nailing to the first

jack rafter, a string must be run from the plumb cut to the hip rafter to simply above the

birdsmouth. This can be done by driving a nail in the center of the hip at those

locations. Tie the string to one nail, pull it limited, and secure it to your other nail. This

o If more then 30 percent of the entire roof is damaged, or if there is extensive moisture damage to either the previous roofing layer or that structural deck, you should look into replacing the entire roof.

o There were past issues with mold or algae growth

Things to consider:

o Interior Walls : Two sure signs of major roof repair are in the event the walls and ceilings on your property have moisture marks and if the paint on your walls and ceilings are peeling.

One of the keys to avoiding leaks may be to think “WWWD” (Precisely what would water do?) If you’re not sure of the answer, you can find out by pouring some water relating to the detail in question.